Animal Feeds Production

We produce high quality products that range from Dairy products,Poultry products  and Pig products.Our products stand out due to the high quality and  affordable prices.Our feeds comes in different packages mainly 10 Kg bags, 20 Kgs and 70 Kgs. The products are well formulated to ensure high yields from your animals always. 

Animal Feeds Raw Material supply

We have a range of raw materials we supply.Our raw materials include: Molasses, Cotton cake,Cotton seed meal,Sun flower,Maize germ/Bran Among others,What makes us stand out is the fact that we have been able to maintain our quality standard for years. 

With our products sourced from east and central africa. Our clients are assured of full time supply and quality.

The Eden Farm

The company has a model poultry and dairy project farm in Machakos. the project entails the rearing of over 40,000 poultry birds and over 20 dairy cows. The farm acts as a demo farm for our clients when they come shopping for our products! It is a perfect “laboratory” on the quality of our feeds. The eggs and culled birds are then sold out through food chain outlets across Nairobi and Machakos County. There are several breeds of layers in the farm  according to the nature and color of egg, they include:-

  • White Egg Laying Hens: This type of hens are comparatively smaller in size. Relatively eat less food, and the color of egg shell is white.
  • Brown Egg Laying Hens: Brown egg laying hens are relatively larger in size. They eat more foods, compared to white egg layers. Lay bigger eggs than other laying breeds. Egg shell is brown colored.