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Raw Material supplies

We are a ne stop shop for al your raw materials supplies ranging from Molasses, Sunflower, Soya,Wheat pollard/Bran

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For high yield and quality animal feeds for your animals

We produce high quality products that range from dairy products,poultry products and pig products.Our products stand out due to the high quality and affordable prices

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For Reliable and timely deliverly of raw materials

We have invested heavily on transport to ensure our clients get their products on time and at affordable price

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About Eden

Eden is a manufacturing company based in Kenya ,our core business is the delivery of Animal feeds raw materials and finished products to a broad range of clients in the agricultural sector as well as large scale and small scale farmers.  Quality and customer satisfaction is our key priority in all what we do. We focus on efficiency and also reliability in terms of service delivery. 

 We are located in Kahawa West behind Kobil petro station It is easily accessible with ample parking allowing for loading and offloading of goods.It is a one stop shop where all the activities of the company take place. The administration offices, manufacturing plant and storage facilities are centralized within the same building. This makes it easy for coordination and management of the manufacturing and distribution process

We have storage in the fo:Kahawa West, and in Utawala.The go-downs are  easily accessible with ample parking and space for loading and off loading goods.
The Company has vast operating space in its go-downs providing a convenient working environment for storage of raw materials and manufacturing of finished products. The go-downs with a capacity of more than 6000sqm, conveniently located is one of the major investments of the Company.

What we do

Raw Material Supplies

We are one of the leeading supplier of raw materials in the country, With our materials coming from east and central africa.

Poultry Farming

The company has a model poultry and dairy project farm in Machakos. the project entails the rearing of over 40,000 poultry birds.which produces approximately 1000 trays of eggs daily. And over twenty dairy cows The eggs and milk are sold locally in Machakos, Nairobi and other counties. 

Animal Feeds Production

Us being suppliers of high quality raw materials you can also count on us for high productive animal feeds.Our feeds range from Poultry feeds,Pig feeds and dairy feeds.


Thika Town Munene Industries
P.o Box:5361-00100

Working Hours

8:00 AM – 05.00 PM
Monday – Friday

8.00 AM -12.00M


Contact us

Phone: 0711593463/0722839457/0722662249