Our team

Mr Patrick Mailang'a

Managing director

The company is under the leadership  of two pioneer directors (Mr. Patrick Mailanga and Mrs Frachiah Mailanga) who hatched the idea more than ten years ago. From a humble beginning of supplying a few tones of molasses the company has penetrated to command a large market in the distribution of animal feeds raw materials and is now a formidable manufacturer of animal feeds.

Mrs Frachiah Mailang'a

Sales & Marketing director

Frachiah Mailang’a is the director in charge of Sales and Marketing.She loves marketing and views herself as more of a marketer than a director of the Company.Frachiah remians number one sales person in the Company.An outgoing, straight to the point, coupled with her personality has found favor in many leading animal feed manufacturing Companies. She has a unique approach to issues and will always avoid controversy. She lets go where it must and finally wins it later