About Us

At Eden we believe in engaging our clients one on one and buying their ideas in order to offer them the best quality product.


To provide customer focused and sustainable animal feed raw materials,feeds processing services and farm products to the food industry in kenya and beyond.


To be the feeds company of choice in enhancing a food secure nation through raw material supply,animal feed manufacturing and farm products supply.


Floodgate of quality and safe products.

Our Offices

 We are located in Kahawa West behind Kobil petro station It is easily accessible with ample parking allowing for loading and offloading of goods.It is a one stop shop where all the activities of the company take place. The administration offices, manufacturing plant and storage facilities are centralized within the same building. This makes it easy for coordination and management of the manufacturing and distribution process

Our Godowns

We have storage in the fo:Kahawa West, and in Utawala.The go-downs are  easily accessible with ample parking and space for loading and off loading goods.
The Company has vast operating space in its go-downs providing a convenient working environment for storage of raw materials and manufacturing of finished products. The go-downs with a capacity of more than 6000sqm, conveniently located is one of the major investments of the Company.

Our Machines

The Company has heavily invested in modern feed manufacturing machines which are used to process various products. The Company is in the process of acquiring the ultra-modern machinery used in developed countries. These are automated machinery that ensure speedy production and have an internal quality control mechanism and automatic weighing and packaging devices.


The  company has a fleet of transport vehicles including trailers which are used for  the sourcing of the goods, more especially from Tanzania and Uganda. Trucks are used for distribution purposes and pickups for marketing



The company has heavily invested hi-tech infrastructure that is well equipped with all the required sophisticated machines and equipment. These machines and equipment assist us in processing these products in complete compliance with international quality standards. Our unit is segregated into various sub-units such as manufacturing, quality testing, packaging, warehousing.

Supported by conveyor belts, the system is semi-automated, making movement of goods efficient and convenient. The floor layout has been approved under international standards and meets all the safety measures required in a manufacturing plant. The workshop is spacious enough to accommodate raw materials and finished products with ease.The processing unit is segregated into various sub-units including quality control, packaging and a loading zone making it convenient to maneuver within the manufacturing plant. 

Quality Policy

Eden Feeds solutions Ltd has embraced the best practices in the industry. With the realization that animal feeds have a direct correlation to animal product output, we have put quality assurance as our number one policy.Our superior formulation approved by KEBS and regularly checked to ensure consistency has been proved at the end use. Farmers using Eden feeds Products can attest any time about the superiority of products.Our quality control starts from the sourcing of quality raw materials, since we are the leading distributors to other animal feed manufacturers in the country. Our handling of both raw materials and finished products in our manufacturing plant and stores meets the highest standards. We strictly ensure the right weight through regularly checking of our weighing scales. In case of bulky supplies we rely on external weighing machines as a measure to reconfirm our accuracy.

Our Company heavily relies on research carried out by animal feed research centre like KARI. The results from research enable us to continue improving our quality and thus giving the farmer more than he bargains for towards improvement of the animal production capacity.